Permanently take out hooters from mosques : Demand by Hindus

Hindus submitting demand to Deputy District Collector

Hindus submitting demand to Deputy District Collector

All pro-Hindu organizations make a demand with resident Dy. District Collector !

Why police and administration do not realize things on their own if Hindu activists can observe such things ? Such police and administration which is deaf despite having ears and blind despite having sight would not be there in Hindu Rashtra !

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) : ‘The deafening noise of hooters sounded from all mosques in Kolhapur district is creating mental and physical problems for small children, students and senior citizens; therefore, hooters should be removed from all mosque’, is the demand made by all pro-Hindu organizations on 19th March to Resident, Dy. District Collector Sanjay Pawar through a representation.

Pro- Hindu activists held detailed discussions with Pawar on this subject. Bajarang Dal’s District President, Shri. Sambhaji Salunkhe and its city-Chief, Mahesh Ursal said, “In the existing situation, it is necessary to stop sounding hooters from all mosques during the period of election. During the last election, it was observed that hooters on mosques were used as a method of propagation by certain community. There is no control of the Government on the hooters and there is possibility of hooters being used to carry out anti-national activities. Taking into consideration all the above things, hooters from mosques should be removed.”
It has been stated in the representation that,

Noise caused due to these hooters is painful but since the noise pollution is caused for religious reasons, it is being overlooked. Still, it was quite surprising that last year, the local Ganeshotsava Mandals and ‘Durga-pujan Mandals’ were asked by police to keep all sound systems switched off warning them that causing noise pollution was a crime. The laws related to noise pollution are old but it is shocking that the Government has not done anything so far to stop noise pollution caused by hooters on mosques. The Supreme Court has also passed a verdict about stopping noise pollution created by religious places. Pro-Hindu activists, therefore, demanded that the orders of Supreme Court and existing laws should be immediately followed.

Participating pro-Hindu activists

Shri. Sambhaji Salunkhe, the District Chief of Bajarang Dal and its city Chief, Shri. Mahesh Ursal, Shri. Chandrakant Barale, District President of ‘Hindu Ekata Andolan’, its Vice President, Shri. Sambhajirao Kharade, Chief Executive, Shri. Hindurao Shelke, Shri. Raju Patil, Shri. Neelesh Nikam, Shri. Satish Shinde, Secretary of Shiv Sena’s Industrial Sahakar Sena, Shri. Sharad Mali, the founder of ‘Gurukul Kala Manch’ and Shri. Madhukar Nazare and Shri. Shivanand Swami of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti etc. devout Hindus were present on the occasion.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat