Petition for NRI representation in Indian Parliament

Dear fellow Non Resident Indians,

Over the past several years, Non Resident Indians have been contributing immensely to the growth of India and to their domiciles. Lately, Government of India recognized the need to grant NRIs voting rights, through proxy means. Time has come to take this a step further. If you believe in potential of NRIs, please sign the following petition online and spread the message to fellow NRIs all over the world! Thank you for taking time to read this email.


PS: This effort is inclusive of all Non Resident Indians, regardless of their background, political, ideological, regional and religious beliefs. This is not pertaining to any specific organization, society, firm, party, or group. This is FOR CHANGE…FOR FUTURE…FOR INDIA. Thank you for signing the petition!! 

NRI Representation in Parliament

Per May 2012 statistics, around 22 million Indians live abroad. Of which, 10 million are NRI and the rest are PIO.  Based on the huge non-resident population and in light of several issues faced by NRIs (students, visitors, workers, greencard holders, etc.), it became more important than ever, to highlight the issues with the central government of India. For this to happen, there should be appropriate representation in the Indian Parliament.  To further the metamorphic ability of Non Resident Indians to vote in Elections, we propose s to nominate six officials in Rajya Sabha to represent and highlight issues of Non Resident Indians. Three from North America and the other three from rest of the world. These nominated members to Rajya Sabha would ensure all the plights, issues and concerns of Non Resident Indians, from respective foreign states, are highlighted and hopefully resolved. This representation could be accommodated as part of the selective nomination to Rajya Sabha, by the honorable President of India, which  might need amendment to Constitution.  (The Constitution of India has been amended 99 times in the past). This could very well be a watershed moment in the legislative history of a burgeoning economy like India. This is not as daunting as it sounds. This plausible effort with the help of all nonresident Indians could be a resounding success. Please join me in becoming part of a historic campaign!

Thanks and Regards
Arun Ayyagari
Source: WHN Media Network