Political Attacks On Hindu Business Houses Should Stop – Rahul Chandra



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Current political situation in India has degraded to such a low level that attacks on Hindu business houses has become a trend. It’s has been long believed that if you want to stop a project or an aggression, cut off the financial supply lines and enemy army will starve to death and will be immobilize. But this is not a war of survival or death, in a healthy democracy like India; elections are a process to get citizens mandate, but for some it’s an opportunity to show their visionless and anti-national ideology they carry along.


Mukesh Ambani


Subrata Roy

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started targeting Adani Group and later the Congress family scion Mr. Rahul Gandhi joined the rant. We also saw Mr. Arvind Kejriwal even looping in Reliance Group chief – Mr. Mukesh Ambani (& patriotic Sahara family chief Mr. Subrata Roy too is in stress).

Persons like Mr. Arvind Kejriwal  accuse Hindu business houses of supporting Mr. Narendra Modi and the paid – vested media started their investigation and profiling Adani Group chief ( FYI.. Paid media in India work in sync with Islamic, Communist and Missionary based projects and act as mouthpiece to their ideology), a revamp and reengineering of entire Indian media is an action item.

The question here is not why and who support Mr. Narendra Modi. Question is the utmost careless and apathy Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Rahul Gandhi attitude have for fellow Indians and especially Hindu countrymen and women which forms the core of India. Such person’s wants Hindus to be slaves and Guinea pigs and India to be a laboratory for testing Islamic, Missionary and Communist projects.

Any business man is free to support any political candidate as the money donated is derived from profits and is not public or Govt. funds. Thus the very question and targeting of businessman should be out of scope as far as legality is concerned.

Going to basic ethics and morals, does persons like Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Rahul Gandhi fails to realize how much indigenous Hindu business houses in India contributes to economy, employment, GDP and other growth factors.

Perhaps the answer is NO. This is because of the ideology such leaders believe in, not because of rational brainstorming or awareness but to have low hanging rewards which sponsors of such ideology offers to their worldwide project managers.

A person who is nationalist, concerned and consider India as his motherland will never target Hindu business houses for political positioning who are not only competing with organized foreign business houses but also creating mass employment and contributing in the country growth both in business and social terms as cycle of sales and revenue is retained within the country and profits are not pumped out.


Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Before politically targeting Indian Hindu business houses, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Rahul Gandhi should visit the families of persons whose men / women are employed by such massive Hindu business houses in thousands, infrastructure they bring, economy they create, social organizations they support – orphanages, handicap person houses, old age homes and unlike Christian Missionary NGO’s, Hindu business houses don’t ask for conversion first and help second.

5Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

By targeting prominent Hindu business houses of India, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Rahul Gandhi have once again proved that they are all set to make the great nation a banana republic (which their foreign and domestic masters seek), they have proved that brave and valiant Hindus business houses who invest and generate engines of growth are mistreated and demoralized and Hindus are deprived of innovations, creativity and entrepreneurship which indigenous Hindu business houses brings. Have Mr. Rahul Gandhi ever talked about Mr. Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on US based Ford Foundation which funds his NGO, why then Adani, Ambani and Sahara?

6As per Hindu varna system – Vaishya (businessman) is the one who supply society essential commodities and goods to society and conducts trade. A country military might is directly dependent on indigenous business houses, without which neither intellectuals (Brahmins) nor warriors (Kshatriyas) can sustain for long and there will be no workforce (Shudra).

 7Countries whose majority business is operated by nonnative businessman often falls prey to military attack (East India Company – which came with pretext of business was in fact an economic division of British colonial empire and that lead to India becoming British colony whom these Congress leaders boast of fighting.

On one hand Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party speaks on creation of mass employment and on the other hand they deploy political tools to suppress nationalist Hindu business house as per guided by their masters sitting within their political party who themselves are guided by their masters in Middle East and Europe.

In order to protect Vedic system on which this great nation runs, it’s important to for Hindu nationalists to protect Hindu businessman at all levels via. an established system. Also upon gaining political power creation of law which protect Hindu business houses from such undesirable political attacks. Already work is underway to malign sacred Hindu seers and saints (people who translate sacred scripture to common masses), if we lose Hindu businessman, there will be financial pandora in society.


Rahul Chandra, an author, activist and businessman is based out of Georgia, USA. He has worked in multiple Hindu organizations and has facilitated and funded Hindu projects serving American and Indian Hindu society. He is director of ongoing Sindh Hindu Heritage program – Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief Project.

He can be reached at: chandraarahuul@gmail.com

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