Quota for Muslim Professors in HR & CE Governed College – Unconstitutional move by TN Govt.

Electioneering is an important component of a healthy democracy. World over, political parties and politicians conduct their election campaigns by showcasing their past achievements and vision documents for the future. They will focus on the entire electorate. Whereas in India, most of the political parties and politicians focus on bogus secularism with the only intention of winning over minorities wooing them with promises and schemes which mostly end up as detrimental to the majority community.

Such an outrageous act, al a Aurangazeb, has been committed by the Tamil Nadu Government. The Tamil Nadu Government has allocated exclusive quota for Muslims for the post of Assistant Professors in Arulmigu Palaniandavar College of Arts and Culture.
( http://apacollegeofartsandculture.ac.in/PDF/advasstprofessor30012014.pdf )
Reservations in Education and Employment on the basis of Religion are Unconstitutional. The Constituent Assembly, after lengthy discussions and deliberations had arrived at a consensus that reservation on the basis of religion would be detrimental to the secular fabric of the nation and hence decided against it while framing the Constitution of India.
Recently while the Andhra Pradesh Government brought in an ordinance for Reservation for Muslims and Christians, the Andhra Pradesh High Court ruled against it and subsequently the Supreme Court also dismissed the appeal made by the Andhra Government.
( http://indiankanoon.org/doc/19533680/ )

While the Courts have ruled against religious quotas even in Government employments which are secular in nature, one could imagine what would be their ruling in this case involving an educational institution run by Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment. So, this outrageous act by the TN Government smacks of audacity and scant regard for the Constitution of India.

During the last year alone the Government had taken Rs.9 crores in the name of Management and Maintenance charges and Rs.5 crores in the name of Public Welfare Fund from the Palani Andavar Temple. Here it would be pertinent to note that the revenue from “Hindu” Temples must not be utilized for “Pulbic” causes. When the Temple gets crores of rupees as revenue from the Hindu Bhaktas, what is the need for Government aid to run a college owned by the Temple? Had it been owned by a Private Hindu Organisation, would the Government enforce such a rule against the Constitution? On the one hand the Government sanctions a paltry sum as ‘aid’ and on the other hand it swallows crores of rupees for civil and public causes in the name of management charges and welfare fund.
Also in utter brazenness, the Internal Audit of the Temples across the state is not being done in accordance with the CAG norms, but by following the “Fasli” method which is Islamic calender! There are many instances of Temple lands and other properties being given to minorities on lease and rent by the Government which is totally against its own order given under Rule 42 of the Departmental Guidelines for Executive Officers. Now this brazen act of appeasing minorities by abusing Hindu properties has extended to the educational institutions owned by the HR & CE which is totally detrimental to the employment opportunities of Hindus. All Hindu organizations and Hindu citizens must protest against this unconstitutional move of the State Government by democratic means. State wide protests must continue until the government cancels the reservation allotted to Muslims in Hindu institutions. This must be a lesson for all the pseudo secular political parties which indulge in vote bank politics.


The present Tamil Nadu Government has been turning a blind eye to the growing Islamic fundamentalism across the state, as evidenced by its act of treating of fundamentalists with kid gloves during the violence unleashed against films like ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and ‘Viswaroopam’ and when they distributed pamphlets demeaning Hindu Religious leaders and Gurus. This Government was simply keeping quite while many Hindu activists and leaders have been systematically eliminated and grievously assaulted. The height of appeasement politics by this Government was the announcement of building memorials for “Barbaric Invaders” Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali, that too by eulogizing them as “Freedom Fighters”!

The politicians abuse Hindu Temples and other Institutions for their politics of minrotyism, showing scant regards to the Courts of Law and the Constitution. This must not be allowed at any cost. Hindus must teach a lesson to these pseudo secular politicians and put an end to vote bank politics and minority appeasement.

The most important thing is to relieve the Temples from the clutches of Governments, which would help a long way in cleansing the system.

Source: Haindava Keralam