Rajiv Malhotra debate with a Christian theologian in Houston

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Recently I had a debate with a Christian theologian in Houston who is chair of Religious Studies at a major university. This was held at Houston’s prominent India House auditorium and attended by a packed audience.


The Consul-General of India and prominent dignitaries attended.


Very important issues were debated by both sides, in an amicable and respectful manner. I invite you to watch the videos. The attendees and viewers have expressed that it was very informative.


There are two videos pertaining to my involvement:


A) My opening talk: “Western dichotomies towards Dharma” CLICK TO VIEW


B) Hindu-Christian Debate between Rajiv Malhotra & Christian EberhartCLICK TO VIEW


I wish to thank the team that produced this very professionally managed programme. Tejal initiated the idea and made it happen. Jayakumar and his IHAR group addided the gravitas and local support to carry out every minute detail. Many others played key roles. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and hope you will find the videos worthwhile.



There is also a 3 hour complete video of the entire evening showing all proceedingsy. Please Click Here

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Source: WHN Media Network