Report HJS activities in Andhra Pradesh during November 2014

HJS_logo_new20141. HJS organizes demonstrations for demand of re-setting up Central Film Censor Board

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), with the help of Hindutva-vadi organizations, staged demonstrations at Indur and Karinagar in Telangana for their demand of re-setting up Central Film Censor Board. 8 organizations joined the demonstrations. A representation was submitted to District Collector, Bhagyanagar in the name of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Following demands were made through the representation.

A. The present Central Film Censor Board should be dissolved and re-set up.

B. In the new committee, there should be at least two persons related to religious field.

C. Before release of a film, if any doubt is raised by any Hindu, such film should be shown to Hindu Dharmaguru/ scholar for approval on matters related to Hindu Dharma. Only after their approval, should such film be released.

2. Dharmajagruti and Dharmaprasar by HJS  thro’ ‘Kartik Sahastra Deepotsava’   

On 20.11.2014, HJS had organized ‘Kartik Sahastra Deepotsava (lighting of 1000 lamps)’ program Shri. Taduri Pravin from BBC school, Indore took initiative in organizing Deepotsava. The program was attended by 400 people. Given below are highlights of the program.

A. Guidance on the topic of ‘Hindu Dharma and significance of lighting lamps’ : The Chief Guest Sri Sri Sri Bal Yogi Pilli Krushna Maharajji, Shri. Lokesh Nandgiri Swamiji and Pilot Pitala Baba gave guidance to the participants on ‘Hindu Dharma and significance of lighting lamps’.

B. Guidance by HJS on ‘Importance of Dharma-shikshan’ and ‘Attacks on Hindu Dharma’ :  Shri. Nela Tukaram of HJS explained the importance of Dharma-shikshan and apprised people of attacks on Hindu Dharma so as to create awareness amongst the participants. Book exhibition was also arranged at the venue.

C. Newspapers from 2 states AP and Telangana published news related to the program.

3. Guidance held at various places

A. Guidance on ‘Need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra’ organized for members of social media group : On 30.11.2014, members of social media group set up ‘Hindu Aikya Sabha Vedika’ at Vijaywada which was attended by 60 active youth members from different districts of AP. Shri. Chetan Janardan of HJS spoke on the topic ‘Need for establishment of Hindu Rashtra’. Pro-Hindu youth from far off districts like Kadapa, so also from Anantpur, Vishakhapattanam, Machhalipattanam and Vijaywada attended the program out of their concern over protection of Dharma. Many of them expressed wish to join activities of HJS.

B. Special lecture on the topic of ‘Importance of Dharma and Spirituality’ by HJS in Sri Seeta Ramanjaneyulu temple : A special lecture by Shri. Chetan Janardan, a member of HJS was arranged on the topic of ‘Importance of Dharma and Spirituality’ in Sri Seeta Ramanjaneyulu temple on 22.11.2014, which was attended by 130 devout Hindus.

4. HJS submits representation to police against anti-Hindu program organized by ‘Jamat-e- Ehale Hadis’, an organization from Nizamabad

On 22.11.2014, ‘Jamat-e- Ehale Hadis’, an organization from Nizamabad had organized a program on the ground of DC Office on the topic of ‘Concepts of God in Christian, Muslim and Hindu Dharma’. Many devout Hindus expressed their wish to join HJS in opposing this program. On 21.11.2014, HJS submitted a representation to District police with the help of other Hindutva-vadis. The following demands were made through the representation.

Muslim speakers should not say anything about Hindu Dharma and about Hindu Deities.

Police should take necessary action like video-shooting this program, giving strict orders to the concerned etc. In case, it was observed that speech of any speaker was going to create disharmony in two factions, the program should be immediately cancelled.

5. Participation of devout Hindus in Dharmaprasar activities

A. Shri. Naresh kumar assisting in seva of distribution of Sanatan panchang in Telugu : Shri. Naresh kumar from Nalgonda who is a regular visitor of HJS website, had made arrangements for distribution of Sanatan panchang in Telugu language and he arranged for a vehicle for HJS members.

B. Dy. Superintendent of Police helps HJS activities : Dy. Superintendent of Police of Nalgonda extended positive response to HJS activities. He even made arrangements for dinner for HJS members; promising to extend help in HJS activities even in future.

C. Shri. Ichury Bhaskar, owner of local cable network ‘IBC’ expresses wish to extend help in showing VCDs on Dharma-shikshan and display of Dharma-shikshan boards : Shri. Ichury Bhaskar, the owner of district-level cable network ‘IBC’ from Nalgonda responded positively to HJS activities. He offered to help in display of boards for creating awareness amongst Hindus by arranging to display them in Hindu temples, marriage halls, crematorium etc. as also offered to help in telecasting VCDs on Dharma-shikshan on Cable network.

D. HJS has planned to hold Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha with the help of all these devout Hindus in January 2015 at Nalgonda.

E. Distribution of 100 Deepavali special issues : Shri. Ram, the owner of Emerald Sweets at Bhagyanagar distributed 100 special issues of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ in Telugu, published on the occasion of Deepavali, to his customers. There was information on importance of Deepavali festival and Hindu culture.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat