Residents protest against liquor shop near Hanuman temple

map-indoreINDORE: Residents along with Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha volunteers protested against a liquor shop situated in the proximity of a temple at Sanjay Setu area on Tuesday. Large number of people including women came out of their houses to oppose liquor shop that has been set up just 10 feet away from ancient Hanuman Temple.

“As per rule liquor shop cannot be set up in close proximity to religious places, educational institutes and residential areas,” said Savita Mishra, who was protesting against liquor shop.

“Liquor shops in residential areas are big nuisance and people are opposing it. Despite this, no political party have come forward and supported the people,” said Poornima Singh, a resident, adding, candidates should express their view on this issue too.

Residents were supported by leaders of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha in the protest. Ravi Ratnakar of the organisation said Hanuman Temple is about 500 years old and is an important temple with historical value. “The presence of liquor shop close to temple has hurt religious sentiments of people and it should be removed as soon as possible,” he added.

He said they will continue with their protest on Wednesday.

Source: Times of India