Resurrecting Ancient Indian Glory in Future Generations By Lt Col CR Sundar, psc, MSc

Resurrecting Ancient Indian Glory in Future Generations
By Lt Col CR Sundar, psc, MSc (Defence Studies), President Sainik Samaj Party, Tamil Nadu
          Ever since Independence, India has been following a population policy based solely on numbers. The oft repeated rubbish has been that ‘if we breed like rabbits we will die like rabbits’ due to food shortage. Ergo we should modify the one child norm of China and adopt the two child norm.
          This lopsided policy has resulted in total abandonment of thoughts about the quality of the population. Thus in India we have today a populace which largely shuns adventure as well as new and energetic conceptualizations. We have forgotten our past glories and at the same do not desire future grandeur.
          A healthy population policy should aim at producing geniuses as we had in the days of yore. The question should be how to create men of the amazing caliber of Panini, the Sanskrit grammarian born 400 years before Jesus Christ, Aryabhata, the great mathematician and astronomer who lived a 1500 years ago or Susrutha who wrote the foundational work on ayurveda 14 centuries ago. At the same time, keeping up with modern times we must produce men of world class abilities who can go on to win acclaim as Nobel Prize winners and Olympic medalists.
          To achieve the above aim our population policy should be family based and not be based on government guidelines drawn up by ill informed bureaucrats. The family has to bear the happy responsibility of producing great children. The family has to be duly constructed to achieve this aim.
          Another danger India faces is from muslims. If the muslims cross 30% of the population of our country they will wage violent jihad against the remaining population to convert them into muslims. We have seen that happen in country after country. When that happens India will lose all its ancient wisdom and its peaceful democratic credentials. It will turn into an Islamic theocratic dictatorship with all the attendant peril.
          To obviate this from happening our population policy should first decide the number of children each family should have.
          The question that arises is how many? Mahatma Gandhi believed that a couple should have four children so that even if one or two were lost due to diseases and accidents at least one or two were left to replace their parents demographically. Across the spectrum Winston Churchill, Gandhi’s arch rival, also believed in the four children norm so that one or two were available to lay down their lives for the sake of Great Britain.
          Therefore, it is time that we in India discard the meaningless ‘we two ours two’ principle in family planning and adopt the slogan of ‘four children per family’.
          All children, right from their birth should be indoctrinated about the greatness and glory of our ancient Indian civilization. They should be reasonably well versed in our lore and in our scriptures. They should be trained to sacrifice everything for the sake of their country and its populace.
          Our children should be taught the relative position of religions of Arabic origin in our society. Those religions and every other such religion should be welcomed in our country. We should aim at forming a nation consisting of all the multifarious hues of human civilization and thought.
          However, such alien religions should be kept at a place from where they do not impinge upon the life of our normal citizen. While on this point it should be mentioned that Christianity in recent centuries has shunned violence as a means of increasing its flock. But the same cannot be said about Islam. They seem to believe that it is legitimate to use force to convert people to become muslims.
          So in addition to honing the mental abilities of our children and developing their physical abilities our children should be taught one other basic characteristic. They should be totally sworn to support free speech whatever the cause or cost. Violence should never be allowed to curb free speech. The guiding principle in this matter has been enunciated with stark simplicity by Timothy Garton Ash when he says “We neither make threats of violence nor accept violent intimidation.”
          We see a healthy trend today of our people migrating to various countries. Top among the list of preferred countries are USA and Australia. Our people should also choose to migrate to other European, Asian and African countries. It has been found that the settlement of Indian people helps the host nation to stabilize its polity. At the same time it helps us to project our soft power. Therefore, at least one or two among the children in each family should be encouraged to migrate to another country.
          Thus if India is to regain its past glory the primary thing that we should start thinking seriously about would be our population policy. We need to decide what our numbers should be and how they should be deployed. If we get it right we could easily rise up to new levels of glory and hold our position among the comity of nations of this world.
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