hindu_samhatiMalda police (PS – Englishbazar) arrested our Hindu Samhati worker Dipankar Rajak yesterday evening.Today he has been produced in Malda court with several non-bailable serious charges. Bail not granted, and he has been sent to Police custody for 5 days by judge. Case no – 936/14. dt. 29/10.14. U/S 302/364/201/36 IPC. Reportedly Dipankar has been implicated in the serious communal riot in Kaliachak-Baishnabnagar-Malda in the last week of October.

Dipankar’s house at Satangapara (under Baishnabnagar PS) is 20 kms away from the place Khasimari where 3 Muslims have been killed allegedly by the Gowalas of the area. Muslim – Gowala bloody conflict in this area has a long history.

I highly suspect that a heinous conspiracy is being hatched either by North Bengal Police or by W Bengal Police to placate/appease aggrieved Muslims of Malda dist who have been repeatedly at the receiving end in series of bloody clashes with the Gowalas/Yadavs/Ghosh of Malda dist. To placate/appease these Muslims, state govt or the police has to make a big scapegoat. It is Mamata Banerjee’s electoral compulsion to appease Muslim community. I apprehend we, the Hindu Samhati, is being that scapegoat.
There is other reason for my apprehension. When on 3 Nov night Malda (Chanchal PS) police detained me and my 2 colleagues, it’s DSP Kaustav Acharya, at the time of interrogation, repeatedly asking us separately about the said Kaliachak riot, our opinion about that riot, etc. I smelt a rat at that time. Now it is being more clear.

BUT in this way Mamata ultimately will be looser. She will loose Hindu vote more in this appeasement game of ‘vote bank politics’.

Source: Hindu Samhati