Shiv Sainiks thrash fanatic youth for molesting a Hindu young woman in temple !


Hindu young women should acquire mental strength by abiding by Dharma and physical strength by self-defence training !
Hindu young women, remember that Shiv Sainiks moulded by Shiv Sena Chief are only leading in fighting for their protection !
Jalna (Maharashra) : A Hindu young woman had gone to a temple for ‘darshan’ at 8.00 a.m. when a Muslim named Arif Rahimuddin Ansari followed her inside the temple and molested her. The devotees present there took him to task; but he posed as a Hindu and said that he came to temple in a hurry.
As Shiv Sainiks, Yuva Sena’s office bearers and other devotees learnt about the incident, they caught hold of him, thrashed him and handed him over to police. His two-wheeler was set on fire by enraged devotees. Yuva Sena’s office bearers also beat up Arif.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti