Ganesh devotees foil ploy of abrogating tradition of ‘Ganesha-puja’ in Walchand Engineering College

Sangli (Maharashtra) : There is Ganesh temple in the premises of Walchand Engineering College at Vishram baug owned by ‘Maharashtra Technical Institute’. ‘Puja’ of the Ganesh idol is being performed every day in this temple for the past 68 years. On 2nd February, however, the so-called management of the College locked the temple all of a sudden; creating obstacle in ‘puja’. (In a country where Hindus are in majority, it is very unfortunate that Hindus only create obstacles in Shri Ganesh-puja. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Many Shri Ganesh devotees and Shri Shiva-Pratishthan learnt about it and they thwarted attempts of anti-Hindus by performing ‘puja’ on 3rd February i.e. the day of ‘Ganesh-Jayanti’; thus giving a hard slap to them. (Congratulations to all Ganesh-devotees for thwarting, with unity, the ploy of attacking Hindu Dharma ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
1. ‘Puja’ is regularly performed of the idol of Shri Ganesh, known as ‘Shilpa Chimtamani’ in Shri Ganesh Temple in college premises, for the past 68 years and Shri Ganesh Jayanti is also celebrated with lot of enthusiasm.
2. This year, administration of the college led by Principal-in-charge, P J Kulkarni and others suddenly raised objection to a program organized on the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti. The temple was locked by the college administration on 2nd February.
3. As Ganesh-devotees got wind of it, several ‘Dharkaris’ gathered in temple area carrying saffron flags at 8.30 a.m. led by Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide (Guruji) by taking out procession.
4. Shri. Suresh Khade, BJP- MLA and Shri. Ashokrao Telang of RSS also reached there, along with devout Hindus. The administration initially opposed to them.
5. All Ganesh-devotees asked College administration that how the tradition of ‘Ganesh-puja’ could be discontinued after 68 years ?
6. The administration had to withdraw and open all locks. Police protection was provided at the behest of Society, to prevent any untoward incident.
7. After unlocking the temple, Shri. Vivek Kulkarni, advocate and Director of Society; along with administrative officer, Shri. Prabhakar Khadilkar arranged for ‘Shri Ganesh Yaag’ by Shri. Gadgil guruji. Shri. Ankush Jadhav of Shri. Shiva-Pratishthan and Shri. Suresh Khade, MLA performed ‘Ganesh-puja’ and ‘Maha-aarti’.
8. Society’s Secretary, Prof. Shriram Kanitkar said, “Shri. Dhondumama Sathe, the founder of this Society had named this area as ‘Sharddha-bhoomi’; therefore, the Society feels that same name be given to the area and every year, Ganesh- Jayanti should be celebrated here; all devotees of Shri Ganesh are welcomed to attend.”
9. Shri. Omkar Shukla of BJP, Society’s Director, Shri. Vijay Namjoshi, Dr. Prasad Kelkar, Joint Secretary Shri. Chougule, Shri. Vivek Bodas, Prof. Gramopadhye, Shri. Kishore Patwardhan and Shri. Shiva-Pratishthan’s Shri. Hanmantrao Pawar, Shri. Nitin Chougule, Shri. Prashant Gaikwad, Shri. Digambar Jadhav and Shri. Anandrao Chavan along with more than 250 Ganesh-devotees were present on the occasion.
Shiva-Pratishthan will not tolerate any attack on Dharma ! – Hanmantrao Pawar

Shri. Shiva-Pratishthan’s Hanmantrao Pawar said, “Few politicians have entered administration who want to grab this land and convert it into ‘Lavasa’; but we foiled their plan and performed ‘puja’ and ‘aarti’ of Shri Ganesh on the occasion of Shri Ganesh Jayanti. Shri. Shiva-Pratishthan will not tolerate any attack on Hindu Dharma.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti