Sindh govt to reconstruct Larkana Temple – Sindh Minister

KARACHI: Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, while condemning the attack on the Hindu temple in Larkana, said that Islam is a religion of peace, tranquillity, brotherhood and respect.
In a media statement issued on Sunday, the minister said that any conspiracy designed to create conflict between the Hindus and Muslims would be foiled.
The police have arrested the individual who conducted the attack on the temple in Larkana and he would be taken to task for his crime, Memon maintained.
He said the Sindh government was the custodian of places of worship of minorities and would compensate the loss and damage done to the temple. The temple would be reconstructed under Sindh government’s aegis, bearing all expenses.
Since Islam is a religion of peace and always preaches religious tolerance, there is no room for any misbehaviour in any form, the minister said.
Memon appealed to the people of Larkana to stay united and thwart any attempts to create confrontation, unrest or hostility.

Source: Tribune