Stop denigration of deities : warning by devout Hindus to ‘Dainik Sakaal’ in Pune

maharashtra-mapCongratulations to devout Hindus taking lawful action against denigration of Deities !

Kolhapur : Under columns published regularly with title ‘Dhing taang’ and ‘Vaajavu kaa’, in Marathi newspaper ‘Dainik Sakaal’, matter is being written against Hindus’ seats of worship and Deities for a long time. The matter is written under the pen-name of ‘British Nandi’. Under ‘Vaajavu kaa’ column, there is denigration of Bhagavan Srikrushna and Pendya. A representation has been submitted to the Editor inmain office of ‘Dainik Sakaal’ at Pune on 25th March in this regard; warning him that awareness would be created amongst devout Hindus from Kolhapur and Belgaum, who are readers of this newspaper, and the subscription of 1000- 1500 redaers of this newspaper would be discontinued. ( If Hindus from other placesalso show such alertness, denigration of Deities will be stopped immediately ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat ) The representation has been signed by Shri. Prasad Srippanna of HJS, along with other devout Hindus. It has been stated in the representation that ….

1. An article has been published in the issue of ‘Sakaal’ dated 25th March under the title ‘Votabai che Abhang’ with political comments; distorting the original ‘abhangas ( devotional songs )’. Under ‘Vaajavu kaa’ column, there is conversation based on so-called politics between Bhagavan Srikrushna and Pendya with title ‘Pipaniwala’, published on the page related to Parliamentary elections under the name of ‘Awaz Maharashtra cha’.  It should be remembered that although there is freedom of writing in this country; promiscuity in writing is not allowed.

2. One has right to comment on any political subjects; but while doing that it should be remembered  that use of Deities’ names hurts religious sentiments of Hindus.

3. The writer (?) of this column in ‘Sakaal’ seems to be afraid of using seats of worship of followers of other religions. He should show such political comments made by Prophet Mohammad and Jesus and see outcome of his writings.

4. ‘Sarva-Dharma-Samabhava’ is applicable only when writing about non-Hindus is concerned and while making mockery of seats of faith, it is based only on Hindu Deities; what kind of journalism is this ?

5. Hindus will not tolerate such things now; therefore, denigrating writing which hurts religious sentiments of Hindus should be stopped.

6. It is hoped that ‘Sakaal’s ideology, which is moulded in the tradition of Nanasaheb Parulekar, will stop publishing such matters in future.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat