TNA ‘rewriting’ Hindu history of Sri Lanka

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

LTTE sympathiser, Prof. Peter Salk of Sweden University in his address to the Tamil diaspora in London recently had stated that Sri Lanka is a Hindu country. There is no doubt that he had been well paid by the LTTE rump to make this statement. Since 2002, he had been a close ally of terrorist leader Prabhakaran. On the advise of the Tamil diaspora and picking up pieces from this statement, the TNA is now making a hue and cry. Referring to the statement by Peter Salk, the MP for Batticaloa Mr. Yogendran had said in Parliament that ancient monarchs in Sri Lanka were Tamils. The TNA which has sainted Prabhakaran seems to be unconcerned in reconciliation !

Yogendran had said that, as Ravana was a Hindu, all ancient monarchs in Sri Lanka were Tamils. The South Indians consider , Ravana, as a ‘demon king’. According to legend, Ravana is a mythical king who went to India in his ‘wooden plane’ and abducted Sita, wife of Rama. Later Rama defeated Ravana. The debate on Ravana is still on.

In the past, Sinhala Kings brought down South Indian royalty to pick up their queens. In their entourage they brought their religion Hinduism with them. This led to Hindu kovils being put up next to Buddhist temples and palaces. The Tamil diaspora and the TNA are trying to ‘rewrite’ history and prove their ‘homeland’ theory by their own interpretation of the great chronicle, Mahavamsa.