United States Hindu Alliance (USHA) Petition to Stop the appointment of Preeta Bansal becoming a Judge in NY


PETITION LINK: http://www.petitions24.com/petition_to_deny_the_application_of_preeta_bansal#form


Respected Community Leader, Namaste!


In the past, several individuals seeking positions of importance have acted in a manner that is detrimental to Hindu and Indian interests once they secure these highly sought after posts. USHA is taking the lead to mobilize public support, whenever needed, to block the appointments of those who have acted against our interests in the past in areas such as academia, business, media and politics. Such candidates forfeit their privilege to gain community support as long as they are threat to Hindu or Indian interests. More over, there are hundreds of qualified Hindus who are seeking positions in these fields. We must promote such individuals and deny the opportunity to those who have a history of prejudice. I appeal to you to help us in our attempt to stop Preeta Bansal becoming a Judge on the New York Court of Appeals. 


In 2005, Preeta Bansal, inspired by the propaganda of 40 Anti Hindu and Anti India groups under the name of Coalition Against Genocide, recommended to the US State Department to deny a visa to the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi. Her role in the visa denial episode clearly illustrated reckless disregard for Hindu interests. She was the only Hindu to have ever been appointed to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Instead of representing the Hindus, she willfully chose to ignore the pleas of the 3 million strong Hindu community and act in favor of the few who are against our collective interests. Such a person should not be rewarded with another position, which could jeopardize our interests in the future. The target is to collect 25,000 signatures by Friday night. If she is selected, we will have an Anti Hindu sitting in a Federal Court for several years to come. The potential for enormous damage to Hindus is very clear. Considering the gravity of this matter and the short time we have available to act, I request you to support us with missionary zeal and spread the word through your social media accounts  (Facebook and Twitter) as well as email lists. Thank you for your active support. 


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Yours in the service of Dharma,

Gokul Kunnath

(678) 913-8484 (USA)

9400 32 6073 (INDIA)

USHA is a non-partisan, non-profit national organization of Hindus in America promoting and protecting the interests and rights of Hindus in US and worldwide. For more information, please visitwww.ushaonline.org or call (678) 913-8484.

Source: USHA

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