VHP Lehigh Valley Chapter hosted a “Modi Victory Celebration Dinner”


On June 20, 2014, VHP Lehigh Valley Chapter hosted a “Modi Victory Celebration Dinner” at a local Indian restaurant. Approximately 60 people attended the event. After the initial introductions by Mr Atul Thakur and Lakshmi Narayan, the audience had the opportunity to hear two speakers, Dr. Gandotra and Sri. Gaurang Vaishnav.
Dr. Gandotra discussed about his experience in volunteering during the elections. He mentioned how he was able to meet new motivated people who worked very hard, tirelessly, for the sake of building India for a better future. He also mentioned, that given the opportunity, in India we can get all the people united for the same cause. There is a lot of energy.
The second speaker, Sri. Gaurang Vaishnav, provided his personal experience during the election rally. He spent 6 weeks in India. He traveled interiors of Gujarat and eastern Uttar Pradesh, mainly in Varanasi and Amethi. Attendees were delighted with several pictures he took during his journey. Shree Vaishnavji discussed at length about his experience meeting people, volunteers, and general mood of the people during his travel. There was Modi fever everywhere. How people were motivated and excited with Mr. Modi becoming our future PM. Even some volunteers of the opposition party had hopes that Mr. Modi winning the election. Shree Vaishnavji concluded his talks with great hope for India, and asked for further suggestions from the audience.
The event was concluded with a brief prayer and a sumptuous meal.
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Atul Thakur
Source: ​Atul Thakur