Vishwa Hindu Parishad (UK) – Publication of the book: Sixteen Sanskars in the Life of Hindu

unnamedVishwa Hindu Parishad (UK) is pleased to announce that its book ‘Sixteen Sanskars in the Life of Hindu‘ has now been published.

Printed in India and registered through the ISBN, it was formally released for general distribution at the World Hindu Congress in New Delhi during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of VHP.


While it will be a source of information and reference for all those interested in the subject of Sanskars, it will be invaluable particularly for those who, having been brought up outside India, would like to know in greater detail about the 16 ‘milestones’ (the Sanskars) that mark the lifespan of a Hindu.

The text of the book is therefore in English, but the description is accompanied by appropriate shloks in Sanskrit, then transliterated in English script (so anyone who cannot read Sanskrit can read the shloks and learn to recite the same). This is followed by a translation of the meaning of the shlok in simple English.

The book is amply illustrated with pictures and diagrams, many in colour, all original, having been commissioned at the hands of a renowned artist. 

For those who are not familiar with Sanskrit words, a glossary of terms is included.

To enable those who wish to undertake further study on the subject, each shlok is followed by a source reference, a list of terms is provided for abbreviations used, and a list of books on the subject is given.

In addition to describing the 16 Sanskars, three of these in great detail – Upanayan (investiture with the sacred thread), Vivah (wedding), and Antyaishti (cremation), the four stages into which the life of a Hindu is divided — the ashrams — are described, and a chapter is devoted to the description of havan / agnihotr / homa — the important ritual of worship which accompanies the performance of each sanskar.


We hope that the book will provide useful knowledge on the subject to all Hindus, not just those living outside India, as well as to others who wish to know about the scriptural advice on how Hindus should live. Indeed those who have had the opportunity to review the draft have all expressed that view. 


Finally, we wish to state that all proceeds from the distribution of the book will be utilised for humanitarian causes, particularly to facilitate the education of poor children in remote tribal areas in India.

If you wish to acquire the book, or have any queries in this matter please contact the following:

In India:

1. Hindu Sewa Foundation (Charity registered in India)

    c/o Sh. M. D. Gujarati,



    NEW DELHI-110016.

    PHONE : (91)-11-30004980-81
DIRECT : (91)-11-30004991 

    Mobile : 09810081022


    Website :


2. Dr C. G. Bhargav

    Tel: [0091] (0)9318271934



Outside India:

1. Dr G L Bhan

    Tel: [0044] (0)7788660505



2. Dr N K Prinja

     Tel: [0044] (0)7715498942


Source: WHN Media Network