Vol.64 – Patriots Speak:22-28 September 2014

pDear Enlightened Readers,

Jai Mata Di! Durga Puja has started and we offer our respectful ‘Pronam’ to Maa Durga!

• India launched Mangalayaan—all on its own and has become the only country to have achieved this feat in the first attempt and at the least cost. All kudos to the dedicated team of scientists of ISRO, who have made us, nay, the entire nation, proud of them;
• US has managed global coalition against ISIS;
• Iran and Syria bury hatchet over ISIS;
• ISIS beheads a French man;
• The Chinese President spent Five days in India;
• Britain managed to keep Scotland together;
• Power-sharing saved Afghanistan;
• New Zealand Prime Minister wins a record third term;
• Hamas and Fatah reach pact over Gaza;
• Indian Supreme Court cancels 214 coal allocations;
• September 22—the Police Reforms Day in India duly observed;
• World population to hit 11 billion in 2100.
• The Indian Prime Minister has formally launched the “Make In India” scheme, inviting all to come and join this programme in India;
Thanking you & with regards,

Yours sincerely, D.C. Nath
(On behalf of the Patriots’ Forum)
As Caliphates Compete, Radical Islam Will Eventually Weaken: Stratfor analysis reveals that rise of the Islamic State will inspire other jihadist groups and the competition among them will undermine the jihadist movement. The rise of the Islamic State will inspire other jihadist groups to claim their own caliphates and emirates. In the long run, the extremism of these contrived dominions and the competition among them will undermine the jihadist movement. However, before that happens, the world will witness much upheaval. http://www.security-risks.com/security-issuessouth-asia/terrorism/as-caliphates-compete-radical-islam-will-eventually-weaken-3461.html

Finally, Scotch Tape Holds Britain Together: With 55 percent in favour of staying together, Great Britain survived the referendum held on September 18. The result matters whatever be the means, especially in politics. The question has been raised: how long the “scotch tape” will hold? (All Press, September 20, 2014)

Bhutan-India Development Cooperation: The third round of Bhutan-India Development Cooperation Talks or the Plan Talks for the 11th Five Year Plan of Bhutan was held in Thimphu. The Plan Talks are a regular feature of Bhutan-India Development Cooperation. India is the oldest and a privileged development partner of Bhutan in its socio-economic development ever since the first Five Year Plan in 1961. India’s commitment of Nu. 45 billion for the 11th Five Year Plan excluding the Nu. 5 billion for the Economic Stimulus Plan, constitutes about 67% of the total external assistance Bhutan will be receiving during the Plan.. http://www.security-risks.com/security-trends-south-asia/other-securitytrends/bhutan-india-development-cooperation-3458.html

Afghanistan: Power Deal: Ghani as President, Abdul Chief Executive: The agreement ends months of post-poll stalemate. This was agreed upon on September 21, 2014. (The Times of India, September 22, 2014) Indian Air Force – IAF Celebrates Commemoration of 50 Years as Part of 1965 Indo-Pak War: This ceremony was part of the yearlong celebration marking the 50 years of 1965 India-Pakistan war which would culminate on 22 September 2015. http://www.security-risks.com/security-trends-south-asia/india-defence/iaf-celbrates-commemoration of-50-years-as-part-of-1965-indo-pak-war-3523.html
Naxalism- Modi prepared to crush Maoists: The prime minister is backing up his campaign rhetoric that the Maoists need to be stopped for India to move forward. Home Minister Rajnath Singh is visiting states affected by Maoist violence this week to assess the preparedness of security forces fighting the rebels – the latest sign that battling left wing extremism is a top priority for the new government. Shortly after Narendra Modi became prime minister in May, Maoistaffected regions were classified “most dangerous zones,” and the Naxal Wing of the Ministry of Home Affairs was relabelled ‘Left Wing Extremism Division’. http://www.security-risks.com/security-trends-south-asia/naxalism/modiprepared-to-crush-maoists-3535.html
Al Qaeda-like groups on prowl: Intelligence Bureau: The Intelligence Bureau has warned “groups and elements supportive of extremist ideology similar to Al Qaeda” are trying to “increase communal tension” in states like J&K, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Prdesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala and Delhi. The intelligence report has reiterated that Al Qaeda chief Ayman-al-Zawahari, who launched a new branch for Indian sub-continent, also intends to target commercial centres, tourist destinations, religious places, aviation sector, railways infrastructure and BJP offices in various states including West Bengal and Assam. The report has been dispatched to all state police agencies. http://www.asianage.com/india/al-qaeda-groups-prowl-intelligence-bureau-867
Border Security Force – Security is first & foremost requirement for development: Union Home Minister: Border Security Force has always played a vital role in safeguarding borders and its performance has been outstanding and excellent. http://www.security-risks.com/security-trends-south-asia/india-terrorism/security-is-first-foremost-requirementfor-development-union-home-minister-3524.html
Global Jihadis Vow Revenge For Batla: A terror group-Ansar-ul-Tawhid Fi Bilad Ai Hind (AuT) tweeted on September 19, 2014 “Batla House-in-shah-allah. We will revenge” on the 9th year of the incident. This is for the time any terror group has allied to this incident. (The Times of India, September 20, 2014)
Mandolin Falls Silent At 45 With Shrinivas Dies: Uppalapu Shrinivas-popularly known as “Mandolin Shrinivas” was a musical prodigy and an illustrious a classical Karnataka musician, who had made mandolin popular in the country died on September 20.

(All Press, September 21, 2014)

World Population to Hit 11 billion In 2100 From 7 billion Today: This path breaking analysis was released on September 18, 2014, at the University of Washington. (Guardian News Service,
HT, September 20, 2014)

Modi’s Appeal—“Make in India” Formally launched: “I want to appeal to people the world over: come, Make in India, manufacture in India. Sell in any country of the world, but manufacture here. We have the skill, talent, discipline and determination. We want to give the world an
(All Press, September 25, 2014)

International Buddhist Conclave At Bodh Gaya (September 26-28, 2014): This is being organised by the District
Administration, Gaya, Bihar. (Press Insertions by Department of Tourism, Govt of Bihar)
Magalyan – Mangal Ho – MOM’s blessings! From a country that was not allowed to make even common salt just few decades back, India made history by putting Mars mission satellite in orbit successfully in very first attempt. Please see the video enclosed, you can see the delight in scientists and others involved in the mission which also besides the success of mission, is a happy thing to see. Please note that India accomplished this with a cost of $70 million v/s $700 million in western countries. The ISRO project ‘Mars Orbitor Mission’ is referred as MOM, hence it’s blessings were referred by Modi in his address to Nation! Surprisingly even the Chinese have accepted Indian success calling it a victory of mankind at large

Best wishes, Congratulations for all people involved in India’s space research organization.

VHP steps up campaign against ‘love jihad’: Ahead of the festive season, the VHP has intensified its campaign against ‘love jihad’ in Gujarat, circulating two audio tapes in Vadodara and writing to the police chief of Narmada district asking him to prohibit Muslims from entering the garba grounds during the Navratri celebrations. In a related move in Narmada district, the VHP has written a letter to the SP, seeking support in “ensuring that Hindu girls celebrating Navratri do not fall prey to love jihad”. It has asked the police to prohibit Muslims “from entering the garba grounds or watching the celebrations in the periphery”. The VHP letter demanded installation of additional CCTV cameras and “increased patrolling by the Anti-Romeo squad of the Narmada police to especially check hotels” and take action on those trying to “spread love jihad”.
Symposium on the Protection of Hindu Temples on September 20 in Nellore, AP: Dr. Ghazal Srinivas, Brand Ambassador for Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Save Temples has organized a timely and appropriate Symposium on the Protection of Hindu Temples and demanded that the government should repeal the Endowment Act and handover the management of the Temples to Acharya Sabha. He mentioned that government has no moral or ethical reason to take over these Temples lands that were donated by our forefathers to make sure that the Temples are maintained and the Priests are properly paid and all the festivals are done as per our scriptures. http://www.deccanchronicle.com/140921/nation-currentaffairs/article/hand-over-temples-seers

िपतरों के िलए ौाद्ध कमर् क्यों जरूरी?
अपने िपतरों को ौद्धापूवकर् तपणर् और ौाद्ध देने का पवर् और समय काल “िपतृ पक्ष” कहलाता है। यह अिश्वन माह में िकया जाता है। इस वषर् िपतृ पक्ष 08 िसतबं र से 24 िसतंबर 2014 तक रहेगा। िपतृ यािन हमारे मतृ पूवजर् ों का तपणर् करवाना िहन्द ू धमर् की एक बहुत ूाचीन ूथा व पवर् है। िहन्द ू धमर् में ौाद्ध पक्ष के सोलह िदन िनधािर् रत िकए गए हैं तािक आप अपने पूवजर् ों को याद करें और उनका तपणर् करवा कर उन्हे शांित और तिृ प्त ूदान करें, िजससे आपको उनका आशीर्वाद और सहयोग िमले। िजस माता, िपता, दादा, दादी, ूिपतामह, मातामही एवं अन्य बजुुगोर्ं के लाड, प्यार, ौम से कमाएं धन एवं इज्जत के सहारे आप सखुपूवकर् रहते हैं, तो आज जब उनका शरीर पांच तत्व में िवलीन हो गया है तो आपका यह परम कतव्र् य बनता है िक अपने िपतरों के िलए कम से कम और कु छ नहीं कर सकते तो तपणर् तो कर दें।
।।ौद्धया दीयते यःमात ् तच्छादम।।्
भावाथर् : ौाद्ध से ौष्ठे संतान, आयु, आरोग्य, अतुल ऐश्वयर् और इिच्छत वःतुओं की ूािप्त होती है।

िपतरों के िलए ौद्धा से िकए गए मुिक्त कमर् को ौाद्ध कहते हैं तथा तप्तृ करने की िबया और देवताओं, ऋिषयों या िपतरों को तंडुल या ितल िमिौत जल अिपतर् करने की िबया को तपणर् कहते हैं। तपणर् करना ही िपंडदान करना है। ौाद्ध पक्ष का माहात्म्य उत्तर व उत्तर-पूवर् भारत में ज्यादा है। तिमलनाडु में आिद अमावसाई, के रल में किरकडा वावुबली और महाराष्टर् में इसे िपतृ पधं रवडा नाम से जानते हैं।

दगार्ु पूजा:
दगापर्ु ूजा िहन्दओँु का महत्वपुणर् त्योहार है। दगापर्ु ूजा माँ दगार्ु की पजू ा है। यह आश्वीण मिहने के दसरेू पखवारे में होती है। आश्वीण मिहने के दसरेु पखवारे के पहले िदन यह पूजा ूारंभ होती है और नवमें िदन {नवराऽा} यह पुजा समपन्न होती है। दगार्ु पूजा का पवर् भारतीय सांःकृ ितक पवोर्ं में सबसे एयादा लोकिूय है। लगभग दशहरा, दीवाली और होली की तरह इसमें उत्सव धािमकर् ता का पुट आज सबसे एयादा है। दगार्ु पजू न सामग्री-(वहृ पूजन के िलए) पंचमेवा, पंच िमठाई, रूई, कलावा, रोली, िसदंरू , १
नािरयल, अक्षत, लाल वस्तर्, फू ल, 5 सुपारी, लौंग, पान के पत्ते 5 , घी, चौकी, कलश, आम का पल्लव , सिमधा, कमल गट्टे, पंचामतृ (दधू , दही, घी, शहद, शकर् रा) की थाली. कु शा, रक्त चंदन, ौीखंड चंदन, जौ, ितल, सुवणर् ूितमा 2, आभूषण व ौंृगार का सामान, फू ल माला | शुिद्ध एवं आचमन
आसनी पर गणपित एवं दगार्ु माता की मूितर् के सम्मुख बैठ जाएं (िबना आसन, चलते-िफरते, पैर फै लाकर पजू न करना िनषेध है) इसके बाद अपने आपको तथा आसन को इस मऽं से शुिद्ध करें –
“ॐ अपिवऽ : पिवऽोवा सवावर् ःथां गतोऽिपवा। य: ःमरेत ् पुण्डरीकाक्षं स बाह्याभ्यन्तर: शुिच :॥” इन मंऽों से अपने ऊपर तथा आसन पर 3-3 बार कु शा या पुंपािद से छींटें लगायें िफर आचमन करें – ॐ के शवाय नम: ॐ नारायणाय नम:, ॐ माधवाय नम:, ॐ गोिवन्दाय नम:|
िफर हाथ धोएं, पुन: आसन शुिद्ध मंऽ बोलें :- ॐ पथ्ृ वी त्वयाधतृ ा लोका देिव त्यवं िवंणुनाधतृ ा। त्वं च धारयमां देिव पिवऽं कु रु चासनम॥् इसके पश्चात अनािमका उंगली से अपने मत्थे पर चंदन लगाते हुए यह मंऽ बोलें- चन्दनःय महत्पुण्यम ् पिवऽं पापनाशनम, ् आपदां हरते िनत्यम ् लआमी ितष्ठतु सवदर् ा।

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