20 Pictures Reveal Nepal’s Heartbreaking Earthquake Devastation

Picture of collapsed buildings after an earthquake in NepalMounting Damage 

Mountains of debris have piled up in Nepal’s capital. Here, rescue workers search for survivors on Sunday in Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu.

Picture of a crack in the ground after an earthquake in NepalCrumbling Infrastructure 

Roads in and around Kathmandu were split apart as a result of the quake and its aftershocks. Here, Nepalese people inspect a crack made dangerously wide by the earthquake.

Picture of a man being rescued after an earthquake in NepalOngoing Rescue Efforts 

In Swyambhu, an area in Kathmandu, rescuers save a man from the rubble on Sunday. His friend, next to him, was killed.

Picture of being being rescued after an avalanche on Mount EverestAvalanche on Everest 

An avalanche triggered by the earthquake struck a section of Mount Everest Base Camp on Saturday, just as the 2015 climbing season was beginning. At least 18 are thought to be dead there, with helicopter evacuations under way.

Picture of rubble around a Buddha statue after an earthquake in NepalBuried Buddha 

In Bhaktapur, Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a temple collapsed around a statue of the Buddha. Scores of other temples and religious sites have been reported destroyed. The exact toll of the damage is not yet known.

Picture of a woman mourning over the body of someone who died in the earthquake in NepalDeath Toll Rising 

A relative of one of the victims identifies a dead family member in Bhaktapur, a town southeast of Kathmandu.

Picture of a dead body awaiting cremation after an earthquake in NepalTending to the Dead 

The body of a person killed in the earthquake lies ready for cremation on Sunday.

Picture of people in Nepal cremating bodies after an earthquakeCremating Victims 

Nepalese families gathered in a field to cremate their family members near Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Picture of people digging through rubble after an earthquake in NepalDigging Through Debris 

Two men search through debris in Bhaktapur as part of rescue efforts. Multiple aftershocks have shaken the area and complicated the arrival of supplies and personnel by aid organizations.

Picture of a father kissing his daughter in the hospital after an earthquake in NepalSurvivors 

In a hospital in Kathmandu, a man named Suresh Parihar plays with his daughter Sandhya. Parihar was injured in the earthquake.

Picture of Rescuers clear the debris Collapsed Square 

Buildings in and around Durbar Square, a site surrounded by ancient palaces that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, collapsed as a result of the Kathmandu earthquake. Rescuers cleared the debris Saturday afternoon in the search for survivors.

Picture of people try to free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building

Buried by Rubble 

People tried to free this man in Kathmandu Saturday even as aftershocks continued shaking the area.

Picture of Nepalese people walk past collapsed buildingsStreet Demolished 

The facades of buildings in Lalitpur District, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, fell into the streets on Saturday. Ripples from the earthquake were felt around all of Nepal and in several neighboring countries.

Picture of eople carry a woman from the rubble of a destroyed buildingRescue Effort 

Some people who had been buried by falling debris were rescued as aftershocks continued to shake the region.

Picture of Emergency rescue workers carry a victim on a stretcher Fallen Tower 

More than just government rescue workers contributed to the search-and-rescue effort in the hours after Saturday’s quake. These workers carry a woman who was injured after the historic Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu collapsed.

Picture of Nepalese rescue members gather at the collapsed Dharahara TowerCollapsed Landmark 

The Dharara Tower, a 14-story cultural landmark built in 1832, was reduced to a 33-foot (10-meter) stump after the quake. The tower had been open to visitors for the past decade.

Picture of An injured child receives treatment outside Medicare HospitalSearch, Rescue, and Treatment

Rescue workers set up clinics in the streets to respond to victims on Saturday.

Picture of  A Kathmandu resident passes in front of a collapsed temple at Basantapur Durbar Temple Destruction 

A man passes near a collapsed temple near Durbar Square, the historic site of palaces in Kathmandu.

Picture of Injured people receive treatment outside the Medicare HospitalHospitals in the Street 

With hospitals overtaxed and in uncertain structural condition, injured people received treatment outside in the streets. The Red Cross said it had thousands of aid items available for deployment and more on the way from neighboring countries.

Picture of A man carries a dog and walks past damage caused by an earthquake in Kathmandu, NepalUncertain Damage 

A man in Kathmandu surveyed the rubble in part of Kathmandu on Saturday. International aid officials said that the full extent of the damage and its death toll wouldn’t be known for days at least, or possibly much longer.

Source: National Geographic