Adeje yields 7,400 square meters to build a Hindu temple

The President of Indian Cultural Center Adeje, Carlos Mirpuri, in the temple of the village.

The President of Indian Cultural Center Adeje, Carlos Mirpuri, in the temple of the village.

Adeje City Council has approved the sale of a plot of 7,400 square meters to the Indian Cultural Centre to build a new temple and leisure facilities.If religious organization operates in 300 square meters, the space will be multiplied by 22 in the future, and will feature a total of 6,715 meters buildable.

The president of the Hindu community in Adeje, Carlos Mirpuri, reported that in the southern district live some 1,500 Hindus and existing infrastructures small for so many people remain, but the decision of the local Socialist government has triggered criticism from the opposition because not look favorably on that public land is given free of charge.

The spokesman for the Popular Party (PP), Andres Montiel, stresses that they are not against the Hindu community to integrate into society, “but that municipal parcels are transferred at no cost.” He claims that the area where the new facility will be established Cultural Center is worth three million euros, and it is also a space in a tourist area. “If you have money to make a temple, they also have to contribute something to the town,” said the mayor.

Andrés Montiel said that his party will be willing to support the assignment provided that the City receives from the Hindu organization any financial or building a building socially valuable consideration, because “we do not see what is going to develop in the soil is necessary, “the spokesman of the PP.

The local representative of the Canarian Coalition (CC), Ricardo Moreno, pose challenges to local government “if dispose heritage is the best policy that has been able to operate to promote multiculturalism.” “Justifying demagogic by alleged social order (when the ultimate goal is to control free speech of certain groups using public funds) not convince CC, who will defend that public resources equitably regardless of religion, race, sex or affiliations policies, “added the mayor.

For his part, President of Indian Cultural Centre argues that the project will be “good for the town” because “expand the culture and community of the whole island can attend important ceremonies.”Explain that they do not give 300 square meters to develop all activities of the organization, such as yesterday’s festivities of Diwali, weddings and even education, is that “there is not enough room for all that.”

He claims that the group applies a land to the City for over a decade and now that they have succeeded, tap “request financial help to those who want to participate, in addition to the project will also be financed by banks.” Carlos Mirpuri know the cost of the new temple and cultural center and still have the design, but will “gradually and in stages.”

Stresses the important thing about the future is that construction will “continue the culture that children can meet there to not lose it.” The president of the Cultural Center also details the Hindu population has doubled in the last five years in the town and, although initially worked in sales, “their children are grown and now there are people in the community that make all kinds of professions : doctors, nurses … “. “I consider adejero, and me, the 1,500 who live here,” says to respond to criticism that has made the opposition, adding that in this southern territory there are about 110 different religious communities, although the Indian is one of the most big. “Adeje is multicultural and if given land to others, why not us, we ordered a parcel for more than 10 years ago?” He adds.

Carlos Mirpuri says many people do not go to their activities “because they have no place.” With the new construction, “a public service that is not proprietary” will be provided. The aim is to “meet the needs of the community” because the Cultural Center “is forced to ask the City Banquet” when celebrations or visits of important preachers because of the small space that have take place.

Points out that the members of the Hindu organization also participate in the initiatives carried out in the town and “we go to parties, and pilgrimages, and also enter into any religion, as when we made a cloak for the Virgin of Candelaria.” “We participate and do social work,” argues Carlos Mirpuri, who wanted to thank the Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, “sensitivity”. “We Adeje, Adeje live in we and our children have grown in Adeje,” says the president of the Indian Cultural Centre.

Source: The Opinion