Charge-sheet filed against 6 Gou-rakshaks for trying to save cows

In BJP ruled State, it was expected that the Gou-rakshak would get justice !

prevention_cowSlaughterPanaji (Goa) : On the day of Bakri Eid in September 2013, six ‘Gou-rakshaks’ and police were brutally beaten up at Nanus, Satteri when they tried to stop illegal slaughtering of cows; however, Goa police have filed a charge-sheet in Court of first Class Magistrate of Walpai against the ‘gou-rakshaks’. Hearing of the case will start on 4th February 2015. Hindutva-vadis are enraged because ‘gou-rakshaks’ who were brutally beaten up, have been implicated in the case and charge-sheeted. (On one hand, it is published that the State Mantralaya was going to be purified by sprinkling ‘gou-mutra’ and on the other hand, ‘gou-rakshaks’ are implicated for trying to save cows; is it not double-standard of the Government ? People expect the Government to take care of Hindus’ interests and not follow anti-Hindu Congress Government ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

‘Gou-rakshaks (saviours of cows)’ viz. Shri. Hanumant Parab, Shri. Uma Shankar Toophani Vishwakarma, Shri. Pundalik Tukaram Bhute, Shri. Satish Baliram Bhagat, Shri. Ganesh Kalyankar and Shri. Sunil Baliram Bhagat are charged under clauses 143, 147, 447, 504, 296, 354 and 427 of Indian Penal Code. In the context of Bakri Eid in September 2013, clear order was passed by Mumbai High Court  that cow-slaughter should not be allowed anywhere other than Goa Meat Project at Usgaon; with instructions to the Government to implement the order meticulously. Even then, fanatics had planned to slaughter cows in the open space at Nannus. Shri. Hanumant Parab of ‘Gou-raksha Abhiyan’ along with other ‘gou-rakshaks’ learnt about such plan and lodged a complaint with police; requesting them to stop cow-slaughter. Police were first reluctant to take any action but later sent few policemen with the ‘gou-rakshaks’ to the place of incident but the ‘gou-rakshaks’ were brutally beaten up by fanatics in front of policemen; especially Shri. Hanumant Parab and Shri. Pundalik Bhute. They were seriously injured and in hospital for many days.  (When the offence occurred right in front of police, why did police not submit proofs in Court against the offenders? Will such corrupt police, who not only allow crime to take place in front of them but also protect offenders, be able to maintain law and order ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat