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One of the most important Hindu Festivals Is Diwali. It means a festival of light. Removes darkness in life and illuminates the path of life to righteousness. The story behind this festival is the story of Narkasur a cruel demon. Narkasur kidnapped 16000 princes and kept them in his prison. Bhagvan Krishna defeated him and set free those princes. 16000 princes asked Krishna that no one will marry them as they stayed with Nakasur. Krishnsa said he would marry them. That way Krishna uplifted them and started social revolution.

Long before when I was in college in Mumbai, my bus to college was passing through a road known as Fockland road. Both sides legalized were prostitutes were living and waiting for customers. That time there was only one per room. Last time I went though I saw 4 or5 per room. When I pass through I remember story of Narkasur and I wonder who are working to uplift these suffering
women. There may be some organizations working to uplift them But majority(including me) not doing anything.

Whenever I pass through, I also remember what Great Arabic poet Khalil Gibran said. He said if your window across small walkway coming through maze, and you see a woman with flowers in her hand, walking to temple to worship, you say to yourself ‘Oh what a picture of purity and devotion. Then you see one prostitute walking with all kind of make up, you say what a ugly picture, low level filth. But then you close your eyes and you will listen to His voice, ‘One is worshiping me with her purity and devotion, other is worshiping me with her silent suffering and misery. To receive both them I have decorated the same platform in my heart’ I remember this saying whenever I pass through and tears flow through my eyes. But then I also remember few lines from song from Raj Kappor’s movie Fir Subah hogi. These are few lines form that song

Wo subah kabhi to ayegi
Jab nila amber zumke gayega
Jab majbur budhapan gandi galime bhikh na magega
Jab narkse bhi gandi yeh dunia jab swarg banaye gayegi.
Wo subah kabhi to ayegi.
I hope that subah ayegi when all Hindus regardless their social or economic
statues will live life with dignity and prosperity.
With this hope I celebrate Diwali.

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