According to the Hindu beliefs, Gods and Goddesses will today wake up from their four months of rest. All the auspicious events, especially marriages, will begin from Devuthani Ekadshi.

Religious texts state that Wednesday was the day when 14 precious jewels found all over the world had come out of the Ksheersagar ocean as it was churned. Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu put wife of King Jalandhar through a test. Though the king was unscrupulous, his wife was a righteous woman. Lord Vishnu embodied Jalandhar and went to his wife. Failing to recognise him, she lost her chastity. But after she found out that it was Lord Vishnu and not her husband, she cursed him and made him a rock.

In order to break free from the curse, Lord Vishnu was blessed that he would marry Tulsi in his next life. And as Tulsi was married to lord Vishnu on Devuthani Ekadashi, this day is also known as Tulsi Vivah.

Waking up of Lord Vishnu means that people will start getting positive thoughts and hence the auspicious functions can now start. The day is considered as important as Diwali and is celebrated in a similar manner.

Homes are cleaned and decorated with rangoli before dusk. Sugarcanes are erected to form a mandap under which idol of Lord Vishnu is kept beside Tulsi. They are wedded as variety of delicacies and scents fill the atmosphere.

Devuthani Ekadashi is also known as Prabodhini Ekadashi or Jethani Ekadashi. Fasting today is of special importance and it is believed that observing fast on this day equals to the result of 1,000 Ashwamedha Yagna. There is also a custom of performing jagran on this day.

Source: Daily Pioneer