The legendary ‘Burra Katha’ exponent Daroji Eeramma is no more

Daroji ErammaThe legendary ‘Burra Katha’ exponent Daroji Eeramma died on Tuesday at a private hospital here. She was 84.

Ms. Eeramma, belonging to the Budaga Jangama community, a nomadic tribe (Scheduled Castes), had mastered the folk art form of storytelling based on mythological and social themes.

She was a popular figure, not only in the State, but across the country. Having learnt the art in her early teens from her father, Ms. Eeramma was instrumental in popularising ‘Burra Katha’, which is popular in Andhra Pradesh.

She also trained members of her family and community to continue the tradition.

The Kannada University, Hampi, conferred the Nadoja title on her. Ms. Eeramma could render as many as 12 epics by-heart, which amounts to two lakh lines and 7,000 pages in print, as documented by the Department of Tribal Studies, Kannada University. Popular among them were ‘Kumara Rama’, ‘Bobbuli Nagireddi’, ‘Baala Nagamma’, ‘Yellamma, Jaisingaraja Kavya’ and ‘Bali Chakravarthi’.

She was also the recipient of the Rajyotsava and Janapada Shri awards.

Last rites

The last rites will be performed at Daroji in Sandur taluk, her native town, on Wednesday, said her family members.

Source: The Hindu