Enthusiastic response for Hindu Unity Meet in Chennai


On 2.8.2015, Sunday a Hindu Unity Meet was conducted at Shri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Pattallam, Chennai by HinduJanajagruti Samiti.

Sou. Suganthi Jaikumar spoke about Paratpara Guru Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale and Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay. In the end, she narrated the prarthana given by P.Pu. Pande Maharaj in a bhavpurna manner and requested everyone to start doing the prarthana three times during the day. Shri. Jaikumar told about the importance of starting an exclusive Hindu news channel and explained about the internet ‘Hindu Varta’ news channel. It was followed by a video of Hindu varta showing protest news of Tamilnadu.


Shri. Thyagarajan inaugurating Sanatan’s Tamil granth, ‘Introduction to spirituality’

Sanatan’s Tamil granth, ‘Introduction to spirituality’ was inaugurated during this occasion by Shri. Thyagarajan, Shree DharmaSanstha Trust, Kanyakumari. The first and second copy of the book was received by Shri. R.D. Prabhu, Bharath Hindu Munnani and Shri. Jayam Pandian, Shiv Sena. They both shared their experiences while participating in the Fourth All India Hindu Adiveshan in Goa. Both of them stressed on the importance of coming together by taking the guidance of Paratpara GuruDr. Athavale. They also conveyed the message of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale that only through sadhana Hindu Rashtra can be established. They shared their gratitude that when no Hindu organization bothered to give them moral support during trying times, they were handsomely honored in the Adhiveshan.


Shri. Radhakrishnan, Shiv Sena addressing the audience


After that five Hindu Dharmabhimanis namely Shri. Sasikumar, Bharath Hindu Munnani, Shri. Narayanan, Hindu Makkal Munnani, Shri. Nagaraj, SriRam Sena, Shri. Venugopalan, Shivsena and Sou. Sivapriya, the Principal, Bharatmata Veer Savarkar High School, Kolathur were honoured and gifted with Sanatan’s Tamil granths by Shri. Radhakrishnan, State President of Shiv Sena. After that Shri. Radhakrishnanji spoke on the role of Tamilnadu in bringing about Hindu Rashtra. He recalled the stallion role played by Hindus in Tamilnadu to help Swami Vivekananda do dharmaprasar abroad. He declared before the audience that the only Divine power in the world to bring about the unity of Hindus and make them work towards the establishment of Hindu Rashtra is Paratpara Guru Dr. Athavale. He implored everyone to forget the differences amongst them, to reduce their defects and ego and to come together under the umbrella of HJS.

Sou. Uma Ravichandran of HJS gave a speech on ‘Hindu Rashtra can be established only by Dharmakranthi’.

Around 150 hindutwawadis participated in the program.

Highlights :

1. The hall was available only after 2 pm as there was another program in the morning by VHP. Still the hall arrangements were completed in time by volunteers under the guidance of Shri. Kashinath Shetty. It was an opportunity to learn to do seva within minimum time.

2. Two differing factions of Bharath Hindu Munnani participated in the program without any untoward incidents for the first time.

3. Many young hindutvawadis participated in the program for the first time. Shri. R.D.Prabhu took efforts in this regard.

4. Two youth seekers Shri. Ganesh Shetty and Shri. Chinmayi participated in the hall arrangement seva enthusiastically.

4. Lot of Kshatratej was felt during the program and ‘Jayatu jayatu Hindurashtram’ slogans reverberated in the hall from time to time.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti