Holy city becoming home of foreign spiritual seekers

Ujjain : Holy city Ujjain is already becoming home for the foreign spiritual seekers, who are arriving in the city for Simhastha Mela, the once in a 12 year.

Russia happily serving Pilot Baba

For some it is the attraction of elixir, or someone quenching for a true guru, while for some it is just an oddity to look over and research. Scores of these can be witnessed on the Kshipra banks, with style statement of donning a big DSLR camera. On the other hand, at the camp of Pilot Baba Russian disciples are in servitude of the Baba, and are ready at whispers of their guru. For the young Russian spiritual seekers participating in the Simhastha Mela, renunciation and penance may be difficult to come by, but they are slowly getting conversant with Hindu tradition and philosophy at a luxury tent of Pilot Baba, Barnagar road. The camp has become a centre of attraction for the youth of the city, who are flocking to see the young foreigners in service of Hindu ascetic. Unable to converse in Hindi, these Russians sometimes dressed in white flowing garments and at other times in saffron robes, have been following every word and move of their guru.

Durga, a functionary at Pilot Baba’s camp ensures that the entire Russian entourage partakes Pangat at the fixed time. Lessons have been planned for them in yoga and Hindu divinity. Durga, who herself was a motor sport driver and is Russian, came to Pilot Baba, seeking salvation, 3 years ago. Indian spirituality in its several manifestations continues to be popular in across the world. Pilot Baba while talking to Free Press said, “Every the foundation organises programmes over Sanatan Dharma in different countries across the world, and these programmes attract a lot a foreigner”. Our Indian philosophy speaks about the universe being one big family, so no one should frown upon our associations abroad, he said. The appeal of Sanatan Hindu Dharma has now transcended several boundaries as they have picked up issues that have universal appeal.

The yet to commence event is also attracting several photographers and film makers. Team of photographers and documentary film makers from Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh, Bangalore and many other places are visiting city for the event with an aim to make a documentary film and write a book on the Mela. One of the photographers from Mumbai said, “For the rest of the world it is only dirt and human heads, but after visiting the holy city, one realises how much change the mega event has brought up.”

Source: Freepress Journal