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That which has been so yummy is now leaving a bitter taste. One wonders, how the toxicities of the maggi have been precipitating inside us. There are millions who habitually eat nothing but ‘2-minute noodles’. Again, for our starstruck moms such items always come easy.  They love to whip up the noodles for their kids when they rush back to home from schools. Papas unfailingly bring home bloated Uncle Chips and the like.  

Alas, the superficial flavor of this cheery pouches have literally numbed our alertness that it took over three decades to realize its toxic hallmark. The poisonous lead, which is one of the ingredients of maggi, has already eaten into the very muscles, nerves and marrow of our bodily system. To what extent it has made us vulnerable to a varied fatal illnesses is yet to be established.  

Thank God, the devious companies churning out such food products can easily hire a bevy of celebrities.  Such celebrities have no hesitation in endorsing any damn items under the sun in any manners and styles. And, we bone-headed get easily captivated by them that we hardly notice their insincerity and callousness.     

Well, it’s their greed for money that makes them stoop so low to sell their soul. Apart from ordinary Bollywood stars, Amitabh Bachhchan is one of such respected heartthrobs in INDIA who, under the glitter of glamour, dignity and fame, still roars for a stream of petty items. Is it not less expected from a star of his stature whom people respect so immensely? Most of his ardent fans feel uncomfortably confused when he patters for less-better stuff.

There is no a chill-out tale to tell with respect to the beverages. Just check out, if Sachin Tendulkar’s Coca-Cola has not washed down the very strength of the digestive bile and enzymes of innumerable people. It is often heard that a pang of chronic dyspepsia and abdominal ulcer due to regular Coke/Pepsi drinking has left a lot many consumers in the hot soup. Those aggrieved souls now just live on bland and boiled food.

Again, Shahrukh Khan’s Royal Stag was quite regaling. This must have spirited up many for more pegs. Didn’t that help them walk down the graveyard prematurely? Our localities, near villages, towns and cities are full of pitiful instances where the addict sinking with a number of health complications, and thereafter he pays the ultimate price for his sin.   But sadly, no company or Bollywood stars ever boom out on our TV channels to inform and alert us that so many families have been shattered due to alcoholic fathers. 

“Besides endorsing the adulterated food product, Bollywood celebrities have been putting more dangerous poisons of vulgarities and absurdities into our society. We can’t view a whole movie together these days with our family members. Are they not to be blamed for a rapid degeneration of society, family values, marital relationship and culture? It’s is a serious development we are just ignoring. How could they be dignified figures whose lives are weighed down by a load of venality, conceit and sleazes?” — retorts Dr. Manoj Kr. Mehta, a professor of neuro-sergeant of Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

Here, what could be more ludicrous than the fact that ones who show us a road to hell are even worshipped like a prophet from heaven! Masses are so much under the spell of Bollywood stars in INDIA that they do not hold back to scream that certain stars should be honored with the most highest awards — not just Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan but Bharat Ratna.


Salil Gewali

(Journalist & Writer)


A well know figure, Salil Gewali’s significantly philosophical write-ups command high appreciation of the readers of the Northeastern India. He started as a freelancer in the late 1980’s, his articles and letters which appear in several local and national newspapers are read with much awe and admiration. A post graduate in English Literature, Salil Gewali rose to fame for his excellent research-based book — entitled ‘Great minds on India’ that has already earned worldwide appreciation. The book, which was initially published in 1998 in the Xerox-format, was finally brought out in the printed form in 2009, entitled ‘Great minds on India’. It has also been translated into Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and Nepali

He has been recently awarded by a national organization ‘United Creative Writers’ Association’  besides the appreciation from the Meghalaya Government for his writing and social service. One of the prominent figures in the field of academy, he has written books for school students. His book ‘Great minds on INDIA?’  speaks volume about his concerns for the country and its culture and values. He shows immense amount of nationalist approach, patriotism and a deep reverence for the intellectual prowess of the ancient literature and their authors. For his intellectual refinement, Salil Gewali gives credit to the ancient scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita besides the works of western scholars like Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Emerson, Carl Sagan, Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley. He says great minds like Voltaire, T.S. Eliot, Friedrich Hegel, Julius Robert Oppenheimer (father of Atomic Bomb), Emerson, Thoreau, Erwin Schrodinger (father of Quantum mechanics), Mark Twain and so on had drawn sufficient intellectual nourishment from Indian ancient literature, the facts which are hardly know to the general masses in India. For more visit:

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