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ushaSeptember 26, 2014 – Edison, New Jersey – The United States Hindu Alliance (USHA) urged the US Federal and State governments launch immediate inquiries into the activities of the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) and its constituent members

At a community reception held at the Royal Albert’s Palace, USHA examined the deceptive practices, ideological leanings as well as the political motivations of the individuals, groups and organizations that make up the CAG. Citing data from various sources, including the book Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dalit and Dravidian Faultlines and a recent report released by community activist Abhimanyu Arjun, titled A House of Cards: Coalition Against Genocide and the Politics of Deception, USHA demonstrated that many of these groups and organizations are run by Radical Leftists associated with violent Communist parties of India as well as individuals and organizations who have been known to support an assortment of militant and terror groups such as the LTTE, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizbul Mujahideen and CPI(ML). Furthermore, USHA also highlighted the fact that many of these groups and organizations are either defunct or fake and have been deceiving authorities, media and the entire public for several years.  Recently, members of the CAG have formed the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), sponsored by the South Asia Solidarity Initiative, a group formed by prominent leaders of the Forum of Inquilabi Leftists (FOIL) such as Biju Mathew and Rupal Oza, and have been organizing protests against and spreading misinformation about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Gokul Kunnath, the President of USHA, urged the community to take note of CAG’s activities and pursue appropriate actions in collaboration with state and federal investigative and law enforcement agencies.  “There is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that suggests potential violations of state and federal laws”, said Kunnath.  Dr. Mahesh Mehta, a long time confidant of Prime Minister Modi and one of the most prominent Hindu leaders in America, implored the American Hindu and Indian American communities to be vigilant about the various anti-India and anti-Hindu forces operating in the US.  He appealed the community to actively support USHA’s call to action.



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Source: USHA Via WHN Publisher Email